Pandemic HR Q&A Program

You have HR questions and we have answers. There’s so much going on with your business and your team during this pandemic. Apart from business struggles, interpreting all the new regulations around your people and HR responsibilities is causing a whole lot of stress. Our Pandemic HR Q&A program is designed to help get everyone through this chaotic crunch time. For $125 a month you get up to 4 email or phone questions answered.
  • General Covid-19 guidance
  • FFCRA leave provision questions
  • Helping with non-FFCRA leave
  • Tackling the difficult employee issues you’re facing with leave documentation
  • Helping guide you through PPP tracking
  • How to best overcome work from home issues and eventual return to work issues
  • And a whole host of other things that you’ve never faced in business before.

And frankly, HR expertise shouldn’t be left to Google. This guidance can save you a whole lot of headaches in the future, and will give the confidence you need to make sure you’re doing the right things in these complicated times. 

Call us today at 913.940.0316 or email Belinda at for more information or to enroll in this program we’d love to be a reassuring voice and to help you in this time of uncertainty. 

The small print—services limited to Q&A, not written work or policies. Cancel with 30 days notice, payment by ACH and credit card only.