Please Don’t Hire a Recruiter

We talk a lot about culture at hr-haven.  Unfortunately, traditional “headhunters” are usually really expensive and don’t bring you the cultural fit that you need when looking for your next great employee.  This is mostly because traditional recruiters are doing what they’ve always done despite the fact that the workforce has changed significantly in the last few years.

Truth is, anybody can find you a candidate with the right background and experience – we could do that all day long – but strong cultural fit is another matter entirely.  We’re passionate when it comes to hiring the right cultural fit for our clients, because that’s what truly makes the difference to your success rates in hiring and retention.  Recruiters don’t talk too much about that, they just talk about invoices and fill rates, and that doesn’t do a darned thing for you or your business.

We take the time to really get to know our client companies, the owners, the leaders, the way in which business gets done, the team that a new hire will be working with, the goals of the business, and the personality types that fit best with you and your business.

It’s a three-legged stool…

You see, recruiting the very best candidates is like a three-legged stool.  The first leg is evaluating for skills and experience, the second leg is analyzing individual traits through a personality assessment of some sort to help you understand your future hire better, but the third leg is making sure that your potential employee will be a strong cultural fit and therefore a great addition to your business.  No recruiter can do that unless thy take time to get to know you and your business.  Take one leg out from under that three-legged stool and your hiring competence won’t be stable.  We aren’t telling you anything new – poor hiring decisions are incredibly costly.

At hr-haven, we post, pre-screen, develop a strategy and process that works within the framework of your business and offer a selection of candidates who don’t only meet the experience requirements of your open role, but those who will be a great fit with you, your business and the rest of your team.  We feel that’s the way every recruiter should work – because you’re selecting an extremely important team member.

If you need help, or you’re tired of being pummeled with resumes (yet left to make the “good fit” decision on  your own) – maybe calling us to learn more might make your three-legged stool more stable?

Bottom Line…

Did we also mention that we don’t charge nearly as much as other recruiters?  Our value is in fit, but there’s a definite value to your bottom line.  Compared to the 25%-35% we see routinely in the marketplace, we charge 17.5% of first year base salary.  If you need the right people on your bus call or email us at 913.940.5391 –  We can explain how all this works and get your hiring stabilized in no time.