The last excuse you need to make to use about not taking care of the People parts of your business is that you’re too busy to do it. We know you’re too busy to do it all, that’s why we’re here.  We’ve got really talented folks working at People People who know their way around just about any people issue you can come up with. While you’re struggling to do everything, including figuring out the stuff you don’t know about, you’re costing yourself time, money, and worse yet, opportunity. And you probably don’t need nearly a full-time person to help you with that.

Go back to doing the stuff you do well, and engage People People to manage the people parts of your business. Our People Partners aren’t consultants, they’re invested and embedded in your business, busy in the trenches alongside you getting the work done versus telling you how to do it (you don’t have time to do it!). We’ll teach you how of course, someday when you have time.

Our retained agreements start at 10 hours per month depending on your needs. Some of our biggest clients are using 200 hours a month – they’re getting just the right help when they need it and as their needs vary. Very few companies need any full-time help in the People Arena until they have 150 or so employees. And, when you hire just one person to take care of your needs, you can’t scale up and down as your needs ebb and flow – but we can. Click here to see what People People can do.

About the only thing that isn’t included is recruiting, and we cut our retained clients a huge deal on recruiting. A mere 7.5% – 10.5% of base salary depending on position gets you your next rock star.

Can’t do it all yourself? Instead of not doing what you need to, let us handle it!

$150 per hour under 10 hours per month
$140 per hour from 11-19 hours per month
$130 per hour over 20 hours per month

Having a major growth spurt? Call us at 913.940.5391 for Recruiting Retainer quotes.