Not knowing the legal stuff about managing employees can honestly get you in a lot of hot water, even if you only have one employee. And screwing it up can land you in court.

There aren’t too many resources out there to help you with this stuff – but the friendly staff at People People sure can. Our People Toolkit gives you a “tour of the world” that gives you the foundation of what you need for your people programs, but also gives you a heck of an education.

Toolkit includes:

  • Customized employee application process and forms
  • Customized employee onboarding process and forms
  • A custom written Employee Handbook
  • Training on everything to keep your business on the straight and narrow
  • $3,950 for companies with 1-49 Employees

For more than 50 employees please call us for pricing at 913.940.5391

Need Help Rolling your Handbook out to Employees? Try our Toolkit Rollout Program which includes:

  • Custom presentation about the most significant policies or changes
  • Presentation to your management team and with discussion
  • Presentation to your employees (one, 1-hour meeting)
  • Question and answer session
  • Assistance with organizing acknowledgement form packets
  • Assistance with tracking acknowledgement forms
  • $1,500 including 2 x 1 hour meetings

Call us now to get your people stuff straight. 913.940.5391
Instruction Section
Job Posting Guidelines
Where to Post
Application Process Instructions
New Hire Process Instructions
Overview of HIPAA responsibilities
Organizational Charts
Application Process
Application Form
Voluntary Disclosure Record
Compliant Background Check Consent
Summary of Rights under FCRA
Employee Reference Forms
Interview Question Guidelines
Employee Handbook
Custom Written Employee Handbook
Overall Acknowledgement Forms
Individual Acknowledgement Forms
New Hire Process
Employment Confirmation Letter Templates
New Hire Packet Action List
Orientation Schedule
Position Description Template
Non-Exempt Pay Schedules
Direct Deposit, Federal & State W-4, State W-4, I-9 Forms
Asset Tracking, Emergency Contact, Payroll Change & Expense Reimbursement Forms
Company Specific Policy Acknowledgements
Any Industry Specific Forms & Acknowledgements
An Education
Explaining every step of the way
You’ll have a firm grasp when complete
Small investment of your hours
Minimal Outlay of Dollars & Time
$3,950 for companies over 5 employees
Slight upcharge for larger employers
Peace of Mind at affordable prices