Your company is unique, you can’t just wheel in the culture of another company and make it work for you. You may have lots of ideas about what needs to happen, and we’re going to listen to you and your leadership team. But we’re also going to listen to your employees, too, and figure out the exact personality of your business.

The in-depth interviews we hold with you, your leadership team and your employees in our Cultural Roadmap program gives us insight into what’s really going on in your organization. The feedback is distilled down then turned into a Cultural Roadmap report that describes the work that needs to be done to fix your culture or simply enhance the positives. This 360 degree look at your organization gets to the core of what’s broken – and what isn’t. We drill down into:

1. Who you are
2. Where you’re going
3. And how you’re going to get there

In creating your Cultural Roadmap, our team figures out the most time and cost effective ways of fixing your issues – in ways that are unique to your organization. If you want help, we can stick around on retainer giving you the extra hands you need to get the Cultural Roadmap work accomplished, because we know you’re too busy to get it done. It’s that simple – what are you waiting for?

Last but not least, unlike our consulting buddies out there, our pricing for these projects is completely transparent– because we don’t want you to hesitate in calling us.

  • $3,750 for companies with 1-24 Employees
  • $4,950 for companies with 25-49 Employees

For more than 50 employees please call us for pricing at 913.940.5391.

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