People Stuff Making You Crazy? Try Us on Retainer

Go back to doing the stuff you do well.  Hire People People on retainer and let us manage all the people parts of your business like the day to day employee questions and problems, employee development, and all that other people stuff you aren’t good at.  We’ll teach you how of course, someday when you have time.  Learn more….

I Can’t Hire the Right People! Try Our Recruiting for Culture

Hiring for your team is a big deal.  Like when you consider marriage, don’t you usually take the time to find out if you’re compatible?  You know, little things like making sure you have the same goals, beliefs, and similar interests, instead of just looking at whether they can do the job! Our process leads to wildly successful hires.  Learn more….

The Inmates are Running the Asylum! Try our People Toolkit

We know you lay awake at night and wonder if you’re doing everything legally when it comes to your people, that’s why People People created a little thing called the HR StartUp Toolkit to make sure that businesses like yours have everything they need, including a custom written Employee Handbook and a brilliant education.   Learn more….

My Culture Stinks!  Try Our Cultural Roadmap

You implement a process from a book, a performance development idea from a consultant, a policy you heard about from a friend, or an approach you heard about during a speech. And, your culture still stinks.  You have  a “Frankenstein” culture.  How about we ask your employees about what works and what doesn’t?  Our Cultural Roadmap is the cure.  Learn more….

Have I Got the People Stuff Right? Try Our HRx

For the stuff that the People Toolkitdoesn’t cure, we have our HRx Health Check.  This is why we created HRx , an HR check-up that results in a prescription to cure all your ills. We check your people files, look at your recruiting methods, make sure you’re paying your employees properly and sort out your employee classifications – keeping you out of jail.  Learn more….

The HR Help Desk

We launched The HR Help Desk because of you. It’s a fact, business owners, office managers, and HR pros everywhere need help from time to time. You might have a terrible employee situation to deal with, you need a little more information, or maybe you just need a gut check. Subscribing to our program means that you’ll never have to go through another decision making process without the certainty of knowing you’re right. That’s why we’re here for you! Learn more….

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