Sadie Barker

Sadie grew up in family business, on a large scale. Originally founded in 1905 and run as a family owned business until 2006, she spent a lot of time in suits as a child, going to management training events and meetings as well as store openings and company retreats. In fact, it wasn’t until she started going on sleepovers that she realized normal people don’t face their refrigerators; and don’t discuss sales trends and incentive programs over dinner. But it also taught her to think about how people affect the businesses they work in and how business affect their people. She realized that she wanted to be in a position to serve a strategic role in business without leaving behind the people piece and at the time she thought HR was the only way to do this. So she started down a fairly traditional path in life, undergraduate at Fontbonne University, and a Masters in Human Resources Management from Webster University KC while she was starting her family.

After working in traditional offices while she was in school she figured out the cubicle life wasn’t for her. She didn’t (and still doesn’t) have the patience for red tape. When she found the listing for People People, and watched the incredibly quirky recruiting video Sadie knew that this was a company she could get behind whole heartedly. Not only do People Partners recognize that our role isn’t just compliance, they help others to see the impact that a tailored people program can have on a business’ success.